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Latest News

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    Local stories of Sustainable Businesses

    JCI Malta is pleased to invite Ms Yasmin de Giorgio, owner of The Grassy Hopper as she shares her story of setting up her niche market venture into one which has picked up quite a buzz on our island…and what it means to be an ethical and sustainable entrepreneur? Click here for more info:   […]
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    Vote to make Malta’s nomination to the FINAL 10 around the World

    We are excited to announce that Maltese MEP Roberta Metsola made it to top 20 from over 150 entries from around the world for the Ten Outstanding Young Persons Awards. The JCI Ten Outstanding Young Persons of the World (JCI TOYP) program honors ten outstanding young people under the age of 40 each year. These […]
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    JCI Malta Newsletter 08/2016

    In this issue: A word from the pres: Connecting…Offline The 2016 JCI International PR & Media Academy in Italy A Forum on social innovation and entrepreneurship in Italy Search for citizen journalists on global issues – LADDER Project Last few days to nominate young individuals for the #GlobalGoals Awards SAVE THE DATE! JCI Malta’s National […]
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    BBQ with live music and for a good cause

    Dear Friends, I hope you are enjoying the summer days and if not, well it’s about time you take a day off from work and take time to relax and enjoy the company of friends, family and interesting people. On Friday 15th July, JCI Malta is organising a BBQ Summer Event at ir-Razzett tal-Hbiberija, M’Scala […]
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    BREXIT and JCI Malta News

    BREXIT and our future… BREXIT won with most of us here left in disbelief this morning. Time will only tell if it’s for the best. My gut feeling says otherwise but I’m just one person…forming part of an international network. One of the perks of being a JCI member is that you are connected with […]
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    JCI Events and Opportunities in the month of June!

    Dear JCI Members, This mailshot is a resume of some very interesting events and opportunities taking place this month. We would appreciate if you could inform us in advance of your interest to attend wherever it is being asked in view of logistical issues on Kindest Regards The JCI Malta 2016 Team. JCI Malta […]


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The Public Speaking Trials

3 Oct 2016 - 18:00



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