About JCI Malta

About JCI Malta…

JCI Malta works to provide a platform where young people, between the age of 18 and 40, can develop into leaders and be agents of positive change.

Our Mission

JCI’s mission is to provide development opportunities that empower young people to create positive change.

Our Vision

The vision of JCI is to be the leading national network of young active citizens.


Yearly Events


Social Causes

JCI La Vallette

JCI La Vallette (Business) is committed to developing members’ business skills and helping them grow their network.

JCI La Vallette
JCI Wignacourt

JCI Wignacourt

JCI Wignacourt (Social) seeks to highlight social and community issues, empowering its members to solve issues in their community.

JCI Debating & Public Speaking

JCI Public Speaking & Debating focuses on the development of soft-skills empowering members to express themselveseffectively.

JCI Debating & Public Speaking

Want to unleash your potential?

In 2019 JCI Malta will be faced with exciting challenges. We have a one-year to lead philosophy, so the whole team definitely needs to Make it Count!

Development Opportunities

We aspire to provide our members with the opportunity to develop leadership skills, social responsibility, fellowship and entrepreneurship for the advancement of the individual and the community in general.

International Communities

In more than 5000 communities across nearly 120 countries, our members are recognized for embracing new ideas, collaboration and diversity.


Committed to taking grassroots actions in our communities, we create projects that ad- vance the Global Goals for Sustainable Development.

JCI Malta

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We are young active citizens all over the world: living, communicating, taking action, and creating impact in our communities.

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Do you have an idea worth sharing or require assistance in running a project which will bring positive change to our societies and our country?