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Intern For A Day

Do you want a new job? Career change? Or are you simply curious?


Intern for a Day connects participants with employers and community partners for one day job shadowing experiences.

When & Where?

Intern for a Day is available in fall 2019 with host companies located in Malta and Gozo.

What is Intern For A Day?

JCI’s Intern For A Day Program is a volunteer “job shadowing” opportunity for students and interested individuals to spend 1 day observing and often working with professionals, investigating a career field and experiencing a typical day or week on the job.

This experience is not for credit or pay but greatly benefits both interns and sponsors. It allows participants to clarify career goals while allowing the host/sponsor (or prospective employer) to evaluate the participant’s interests, skills, and abilities.

Why Should I Participate in Intern For A Day?

Intern For A Day is a great way to learn about the day-to-day work life of a professional in a career field of your choice. It offers the chance to “test” a career without risk of a semester or longer-term commitment. It can also help you get your foot in the door for a competitive internship program or job.

When is Intern For A Day Offered?

Intern For A Day is on a fixed day and should be scheduled by the student and host organization. Intern For A Day opportunities will be offered and advertised from mid-August.

What Activities are Interns Involved in?

Many interns will shadow in one department for one day; but if the host company allows it, you might even be able to rotate through various departments to get a broad overview. During Intern For A Day, you may tour the company, conduct informational interviews with people in various specializations and at different levels, sit in on staff meetings, help with small tasks, ask questions about the field, the organization, necessary training, and/or assist with actual office projects (research, report writing, etc.).

Want to Participate as an Intern?

Gaining career-related experience is a vital part of the career development process. Simply fill in the form below to learn more about Intern For A Day as a participant – we will inform you more.
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Want to Participate as a Host/Sponsor?

Are you an employer or professional and want to support Intern For A Day by providing “job shadowing” opportunity for students to spend 1 day observing and/or working with you? Then simply fill in the form below to get more information about the process.

Got specific questions about Intern For A Day?

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