Throughout these first two months of 2019, JCI Malta has been busy organising activities. JCI Malta set up the ‘Meet the Board’ event and the Open Mic & Jamming Night whereby we enjoyed exceptional performances from talented individuals! Click here to view some photos and additional event information. Last Thursday we had the JCI Quiz Night, another enjoyable event and a means how to get to know new people 🙂

‘If you want to be a true professional, do something outside yourself’. 

Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of US  Ruth Bader Ginsburg

JCI Malta LO President Wignacourt Social Chapter Projects for 2019

This year the JCI Wignacourt Social Chapter subdivided its projects into the following focal points, that is JCI Malta & the Arts, JCI Malta & Health and JCI Malta & the Environment, amongst other projects. These focal points all build upon the successful events organised by JCI Malta in the past and linking it to the present JCI Malta Social Chapter. 

JCI Malta & the Arts

Photo by Maaria Lohiya on Unsplash

JCI Malta adding Cultural Value to the Economic Value in Civil Society through adequate compensation for Artists.

This project revolves around gifting the Cultural Value to the Economic Value in Civil Society. JCI Malta believes in safeguarding adequate compensation for Artists. Artists would include Writers, Singers, Musicians, Dancers and any other profession or passion with an artistic inclination. Discussions will be held with Artists in order to guard adequate remuneration. 

The discussions will continue to corroborate upon the proposal of the Directive on Copyright in the Digital Single Market 2016/0280(COD), also known as the EU Copyright Directive which might be soon approved in European Parliament.

We will be posting the meet ups on JCI Malta social media platforms soon. We would love to see you all there! 

JCI Malta & Health

Photo by Rosie Fraser on Unsplash

JCI Malta Therapy Project

The idea behind this project is to create a safe therapy group for youth. Mental health awareness is on the rise in Malta. Awareness also needs action and implementation in order to create an impact. The safe therapy group JCI Malta has in mind to create will be conducted by professional psychotherapists and other individuals who will help youth to speak out in a safe environment. 

JCI Malta will be developing this project with the intention to help youth. In light of the delicate circumstances of this project, JCI Malta will be proceeding with the utmost diligence and ethics in order to assist youth in the best way possible. 

JCI Malta & the Environment

Photo by Joseph Pearson on Unsplash

Littering Monitoring and Prevention Research and Corporate Social Responsibility clean up activity.

JCI Malta is working to generate a project relative to ways and means how to create awareness in regards to littering monitoring and prevention. Once the project is fully developed, JCI Malta will be collaborating with stakeholders to raise further consciousness.

The JCI Malta VP Marketing Julia Aquilina and the Social Chapter will be collaborating together in order to organise a series of Corporate Social Responsibility clean up activities. 

Join us and become a JCI Malta member in order to be able to check out the Littering Monitoring and Prevention Research published material and the dates established for the clean-up activities which will be taking place in the coming months!

Other JCI Malta activities

Works in progress…

We will soon let you know about other collaborative activities and ideas which will take place this year! 

To close off…

As the Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of US  Ruth Bader Ginsburg once said: ‘If you want to be a true professional, do something outside yourself’. 

JCI Malta is here for you to do something outside yourself! If you’d like to join the Business Chapter, the Public Speaking & Debating Chapter or the Social Chapter please log onto and become involved and help us to #makeitcount!