If you are turning 16 before the upcoming elections this year you might be wondering whether you will be eligible to vote. It turns out, that in order to be able to vote during the upcoming European Parliament and Local Council Elections, you need to be have turned 16 by the 24th of May, that is a day before the elections themselves.

This information has been confirmed with JCI Malta by a spokesperson for the Electoral Commission. The spokesperson explained that while the electoral register will be closed for applications by the 31st March, it will include all voters that are to turn 16 by the 25th May.

“I’m worried that I may not be in the electoral register!”

If you are worried that your name isn’t listed in the electoral register, it’s very simple to find out, and you can do this from the comfort of your own home. How?

You can do this by visiting the electoral commission website by clicking here. Over there, the website will ask you for the below information:

As soon as you enter your details, you will be forwarded to your register entry where you will be able to see if you are eligible to vote. If you get the below listings than that means you are good to go!

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