Hi to everyone!

JCI Malta has been recently contacted by Eco Market Malta to join forces with a number of other NGOs to stand up together and give contribution toward a local environmentally-sustainable lifestyle. 

Eco Market Malta is a monthly activity, usually held in different locations around the Maltese Islands, on the last Saturday and Sunday of the month. The activity will include talks, workshops, social gatherings, art, music and entertainment with the aim to raise awareness toward the safeguarding of the environment and becoming conscious of the daily habits, particularly in relation to the products bought and what is thrown away. 

JCI Malta will participate and expose their upcoming environmentally-conscious projects at the Eco Market Malta.

The Eco Market Malta is momentarily working on raising funds for their crowdfunding campaign. With your contribution you will make sure that this project takes place. 

Click here to contribute! A few days are left! 🙂