Leaders of Tomorrow – National Convention

Leaders of Tomorrow

2020 Online National Convention

JCI Malta’s National Convention 2020 has the theme “Leaders of Tomorrow” and will be fully online for you to enjoy safely! All you need is Internet, Zoom and a ticket to our National Convention

The whole convention will centered around training opportunities and workshops led by local and international trainers.

Days Long


Online Trainings


Leaders of Tomorrow – National Convention
Why Leadership?

As an organisation, Junior Chamber International has a leadership focus. That means it offers a safe space where people between the ages of 18 and 40 can develop into leaders and be agents of positive change.

As an international non-governmental organisation (NGO) with presence in more than 115 countries, JCI has an important role to play around the globe.

The JCI Malta National Convention will enable organisations and volunteers to share their talents and celebrate fresh ideas, new perspectives, and the adaptability needed for people to create action-oriented solutions to the challenges in our communities.

Convention Overview

What Should You Expect?

JCI Malta will host a variety of online trainings all centered around leadership styles and skills. The trainings will be led by both local and international trainers.

The JCI Malta Annual General Meeting will be part of the National Convention and will start off with looking back at the work done in 2020 and the plans for 2021.

Wondering about the gala dinner and awards? No worries, we didn’t forget them, but due to the current COVID-19 situation we decided to host the National Convention fully online and to postpone the gala and awards to December.


Key Information

Theme: Leaders of Tomorrow

Event: The JCI Malta National Convention

Dates: 18th & 19th September

Venue: Online (Zoom credentials will be sent to all ticket holders via email)

Leaders of Tomorrow – National Convention

Day 1 Programme

18th September 2020

4:00pm: "The future of leadership: creation & transformation"

Keynote Speech by Nathan Farrugia

As the world around us becomes more complex and unpredictable, the leadership that will emerge to help society and economies thrive is one of transformation and creativity. How can we develop the skillset that will future-proof our impact, as we take the helm of our teams and organisations?

4:45pm: JCI Malta Annual General Meeting

Board members of 2020 and 2021 will be present at the venue in Valletta and the event will be streamed via Zoom for all members to join.

7:30pm: Live music zoom session

Musical set by Nicole Borg, Jessica Magro, and Siobhan Vassallo. This will be streamed for all event participants.


Day 2 Programme

19th September 2020

9:30am: “Leading with a F.I.R.E. Mindset”

Trainers: Nathan Farrugia, Julian Azzopardi

When under FIRE we feel Fear due to the unknown. This can lead to a lack of confidence and Inhibitions which limit our ability to take difficult decisions. Resistance to change starts to kick-in as a protective mechanism that is spurred on by our Emotions, and our rationale is clouded.

In this workshop we will introduce a way to  reframe how to lead under FIRE by helping you find yourself through FLOW. This is tied closely with a strong sense of purpose and high levels of IMPACT that goes beyond you as an individual. By knowing where we should start from we can then build the confidence to engage fully with our ROES and take responsibility for our actions to achieve EXCELLENCE no matter what! F.I.R.E. is an UP Ltd proprietary methodology.

11:00am: Coffee Break

The Zoom call will remain running during the coffee break.

11:15am: What kind of leader am I?

Trainer: Franco Aloisio, JPA

An information and training session that will focus on an introspective look on leadership. It will focus on emotional and behavioural intelligence and uncovering the personal traits of participants to help them understand what kind of leaders they are, and what kind of people they need to surround themselves with to become stronger leaders. Franco will focus on the importance of shared values and culture in developing successful leadership, as well as the role that effective communication with stakeholders plays in this process.

12:30pm: Lunch

The Zoom call will remain running during the lunch break.

1:30pm: JCI Members carrying responsibility

Trainer: Jenni Althstedt

During this session, we will discuss carrying the responsibility of ourselves, the position we have, our members and the organization, agreements and partnerships, skills development, and of course – have some fun.

3:00pm: The Urgency of now

Trainer: Annalisa Schembri

How to validate your actions, events and projects to create immediate impact and provide sustainable solutions, ready to be scaled up.

During this session, participants will delve deeper into the tools that can assist us to deliver sustainable solutions and take a shorter route towards scaling up those solutions.

We will be looking at Future Thinking and Trends Analysis, the UN SDG’s, The JCI Active Citizen Framework, the JCI Rise initiative, while adapting skills and knowledge from the cultural, creative and the green industries such as the BORO tool, Scenario Development, Impact-Probability model and the Principles of Sustainability to serve our needs in producing, delivering and scaling up our events, projects and actions.

5:00pm: End of Online National Convention