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The JCI Malta National Convention 2019: Democracy Now

JCI Malta’s National Convention 2019 has the theme “Democracy Now”. Highlights will be training opportunities, workshops, and competitions.

And the best part is…participation is FREE if you register online.

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About JCI Malta

Our Goals


Encourage democratic participation of young people and mobilize them to ensure the that they have a voice and are unafraid to use it when proposing and making decisions for the future.

Empower young leaders by providing them with platforms and forums for political debates to advocate for their political positions.

Promote grassroots solutions using the JCI Active Citizen Framework that young leaders can use to help build better projects for the communities.

Why Democracy?

The basic right that living in a democracy gives its citizens is the right to speak up and voice their opinions, to change a community, a country or the world through one’s actions. Being an active citizen, therefore, comes part and parcel of being a democratic citizen.

The JCI Malta National Convention will enable organisations and volunteers to share their talents and celebrate fresh ideas, new perspectives, and the adaptability needed for people to create action-oriented solutions to the challenges in our communities.

The convention will stimulate discussions and highlighting the value of collaborations. It seeks to create new partnerships between different organisations which in turn will lead to new and innovative projects created with the help of a pool of different ideas coming from different backgrounds.

JCI La Vallette

Join Our Convention!

The two day convention will host 50+ people coming from different local NGOs as well as international delegates!
While you will get special trainings focused on different pillars of democracy by our lovely key note speaker and trainer coming all the way from Ireland, you will get the chance to also participate in one of our many competitions and win fantastic prizes! And best of all, the attendance for the conference is FREE!
JCI Wignacourt

Submit Your NGO Project & Win an Award!

Did your NGO run a project which in some way somehow tackled one of the 17 SDG Goals? Do you think it was successful and deserves recognition? Are you looking for partners to take your project to the next level?

Submit your project and get in the chance to be named the 2019 Most Outstanding NGO Project during our National Convention.

Awarding Local NGOs – Become The Most Outstanding NGO

JCI Malta is looking for the 2019 Most Outstanding Local NGO. While our National Convention is in and within itself a celebration of volunteer work and locally run projects, JCI Malta is going to extra mile by seeking to find the most outstanding NGO.

Do you know of an NGO that has been contributing greatly to society? Do you think their work deserves recognition? Then submit its nomination today!

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