JCI Malta Plants Trees in St. Venera

November 24, 2019


JCI Malta organised an event called #GrowingOxygen, together with Saġġar and the Santa Venera Local Council – planting a number of trees in their famous Romeo Romeno Gardens.

Saġġar’s ambition is to bring about an inclusive and proactive collaboration for the ecological rehabilitation of the Maltese islands.

Santa Venera Local Council took up JCI’s initiative, to embrace the town’s current urban identity and to make the town green again – thus striving for a sustainable green urban environment

JCI Malta Wignacourt President Monique Cauchi said that:

“The #GrowingOxygen tree-planting event displayed a multi-faceted collaboration between different entities and between individuals with one goal in mind, the need to reconnect with nature and the natural environment. JCI Malta looks forward to seek further collaborations in order to provide a difference tree by tree.”

JCI Malta believes in the important role trees play in order to live in a healthy environment; hence, why the event was called Growing Oxygen. We encourage and hope that other local councils and organisations continue planting trees within their communities and continue protecting our environment.



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