Inspire Change Through Creativity: Sustainable Alternatives for Growth

Are you ready to take your photography skills to the next level? In 2020, JCI Malta together with the Ministry within the Office of the Prime Minister is seeking photographers that want to inspire change through creativity by using their art to showcase sustainable alternatives for growth for the Maltese Islands. Will Malta ever be able to reach the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals? What do you think are the things that Malta needs to focus on in order to overcome its limits to growth in a sustainable way? Show us in photos and win one of 3 cash prizes!

Competition Days

Maximum Entries

United Nations SDGs

Cash Prizes


Competition Guidelines


Anyone between the age of 18-40 is eligible to enter the competition.


Entries must be submitted in a Google Drive folder in the format specified by the closing date for each category. The Google Drive folder link needs to be emailed to [email protected]


Prizes: First Place Winner (€700), Second Place Winner (€500), Third Place Winner (€300).


FREE for JCI Malta members & €15 participation fee for non-members.


.Photograph submissions need to be done between the 2nd October and 2nd November (both days included)

Why the SDGs?

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) have been designed in order to better the lives of all of humanity, rendering all equal by tackling vulnerable issues and reassuring that people have access to their needs. It has given the world one single vision for a future where no one is left behind. The 17 different goals, which need to be reached by 2030, offer the most practical and effective pathway by which we address the causes of abuse of human rights, lack of basic human needs, conflict and environmental degradation.

This movement is being lead and promoted by the United Nations, together with its supporters, including JCI and therefore, JCI Malta. To this effect, this photography competition aims to encourage photographers to see through the lenses’ eye the sustainable development, express it through a photo and share it with the world.


JCI La Vallette

About our sponsor:

The Ministry within the Office of the Prime Minister (MSD) is responsible for Sustainable Development, Implementation of the Electoral Manifesto, Public Broadcasting, Social Dialogue, Consultation and Industrial and Employment Relations.

The responsibilities of the Ministry include dialogue with the social partners and civil society. In this regard, the two vehicles responsible are the MCESD and the MEUSAC. Consultation between the Government, the public, and the social partners is part of the Ministry’s remit.

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